Excursions - Vicenza

Excursions - Vicenza

Vicenza is well known as “city of Palladio”, the city of art and city-jewel between the largest ones in Veneto region. Vicenza is famous for its noble forms in architecture: the harmony of proportions not only in its iconic monuments but also in casual architecture creates an authentic image of the city.

How to arrive

Vicenza is situated 118 km from Eraclea Mare. Proceed to Noventa di Piave following directions to Mestre. Exit at Vicenza est to get to the historic center.

What's there to see

• As the city of Palladio, operas in Vicenza are are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO
• Piazza dei Signori, town's meeting point
• La Basilica, built in '500 by Palladio
• Loggia del Capitaniato, Porto, Barban and Tiene mansions and Palladio opera
• Teatro Olimpico, jewel of art well known theater located in Palazzo del Territorio
• Santuario di Monte Berico overlooks the whole city
• Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari
• Cathedral, Basilica of S.S. Felice and Fortunato, San Lorenzo Church and gothic Tempio di Santa Corona
• Venetian villas: Villa Valmarana “ai nani" and Villa Capra Valmarana

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