Excursions - Treviso

Excursions - Treviso

“Joyful and hard-working” Treviso, as it was called since ages maybe because local people were always capable to enjoy the life keeping up with hard work which was necessary for living.

How to arrive

Treviso is located 45 km from Eraclea Mare. Proceed from Eraclea to San Dona di Piave, crossing the bridge of Piave river and keep going until you cross "Treviso mare" road. Proceed this road to reach Treviso center.

What's there to see

Treviso is situated in a region which is flourishing economically, and at the same time providing a lot of opportunities for entertainment, like cultural sites, gourmet, and much more. A lot of free parking space is available in the city center near north wall and near railway station.

Three most important churches include an impressive Tempio di San Nicolò, (XIV cent), il Duomo with Battistero next to it (XI e XII cent) and Chiesa di San Francesco which construction was started in XII century.

And much more:

• Piazza dei Signori, central square in the city
• Il Palazzo dei Trecento


The road:

Famous and fascinating road starts at Castello di Conegliano, crosses the hill regions where exquisite Prosecco vine have been produced and arrives to Valdobbiadene at the foot of Mount Cesen. The trip opens splendid panoramic views across unspoilt aspects of rolling hills with grape fields, isolated cottages and abandoned villas. Small towns saved the inner beauty of its origins and original traditions.

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