Excursions - Padova

Excursions - Padova

Padova is the major italian city of art with a wide historical and cultural heritage to discover. The city of Santo as Padova is affectionately known between its citizens is also a world-known university's headquarters.

How to arrive

Padova is situated 82 km from Eraclea Mare. Proceed from Eraclea to Noventa di Piave taking Mestre – Padova direction, proceed to Padova Est exit.

What's there to see

Padova is known as the city of Saint Antonio popular for its cultural heritage:

• At Cappella degli Scrovegni you can find the remains of an antic roman arena together with Giotto opera
• The Musei civici of Eremitani together with Eremitani Church
• Palazzo della Ragione, founded in 1218 as a citizens' court
• Piazza delle Erbe e dei Frutti with its vibrant and picturesque everyday market tradition
• Duomo which creation was assisted by Michelangelo and Battistero
• Padova University founded in 1222, a great noble palace called also “Palazzo del Bò”
• Caffè Pedrocchi, neoclassical place opened in 1831
• Basilica di S. Antonio, started immediately after the death of Santo in 1231, is great construction built using Romanesque and Gothic style. Near Basilica were founded l'Oratorio di San Giorgio and Antoniano Museum
• L'Orto Botanico, botanical garden holding a collection of rare plants
• Il Prato della Valle, which was originally projected as roman theatre; Basilica di Santa Giustina; the wall and many gates to enter the city

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