Excursions - Trieste

Excursions - Trieste

Trieste offers unique landscapes of ancient city and Norhern Adriatic coast with the Gulf entering in the city and rolling hills of Carso on its shoulders. An architectural cluster of Tireste evokes Vienna atmosphere but with definite Italian features especially in the historic center, characterized by monuments and buildings created in a different manner.

How to arrive

Trieste is found 135 km from Eraclea mare. Follow A4 freeway from Noventa di Piave to Trieste.

What's there to see

The headquarters of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Trieste was founded between the land and the sea, represents unique fusion of Italian and Austrian architecture with medieval roots of San Giusto, Basilica Civile, Castello and Cattedrale, decorated with magnificent mosaics in the apse. Its recent history, enriched with Habsburg tradition and cosmopolitan orientation are evidenced in central streets with elegant neoclassical buildings imposing churches and sanctuaries of different religions (for example Jewish synagogue).

Castello di Miramare, with its elegant construction and fairy-tale environment is now home to a Museum surrounded by superb garden. In the tract of sea was founded Natural Marine Reserve governed by WWF.

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