Caorle (9 km)

Caorle (9 km)

The littoral of Caorle and Eraclea Mare extends over a stretch of 20 Km; the glorious golden beach therefore becomes an arena for all sorts of fun during the summer period: From sport on the sands, to fitness on the waters edge, musical evenings and fireworks at mid-summer. Caorle is also very well-known as the “city of the port,” “the city of the fishers and the valleys.” Caorle is just an hour far away from Venice. Somebody has called it “the little Venice” because its alleys and little squares resemble those of the City on the Lagoon. In 1911 they built the first hotel and they called it “Petronia” and during the following years, In the 60es and the 70es two other very important tourist centres developed: Porto Santa Margherita and Duna Verde near Eraclea Mare.

How you can find in Caorle?

The centre is dotted with many first class shops, ranging from designer boutiques, to tourist stalls and arts and crafts places. That is why shopping is one of the favourite past times for tourists after a day spent on the beach or physical activity on the beach or along the shore line! To number the commercial and the refreshment activities and services, there are 74 craft workers' cooperatives, two weekly markets, 150 restaurants, 83 all-the-year opened bars, 147 seasonal pubs and 3 disco clubs.The inhabitants of Caorle are very proud of their city and surroundings and they have succeeded in combining modernity and history, preserving the archetypical style and fashion of the place. The lagoon has gradually turned into many fishing valleys framed by the typical and characteristic barracks of the fishers that are made of common reeds.

From Eraclea Mare is simple to visit The famous American writer Ernest Hemingway used to spend short periods of time in these valleys, as a guest of the baron Franchetti. In Caorle you will never get bored because every year it offers varied, interesting and new possibilities of recreation to its several guests. This is another characteristic that makes Caorle be the best summer resort to spend your summer holidays at.
From dusk till dawn there are many places and activities for your entertainment to choose from, ranging from musical concerts to cabaret and sport and sailing competitions. To sum up, Caorle is a city to be lived and discovered all the year long!

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